We're North + Olivia, a husband + wife team who have been filming weddings since 2015. We think life is intrinsically beautiful. This is why we are dedicated to capturing the deepest and most authentic emotions on your day. It's these moments that we truly believe will inspire and move you....just like they do us. Marriage is beautiful, and messy, and real, and so worth it. Our sincerest desire is to create a piece of art that will become a family heirloom. One you can look back on in the 'for better and for worst', and be reminded of the story you have created together. We consider it the greatest honor to have the privilege of capturing your love story. 

Shall we do this thing?


- Extrovert | ENFP | Cookies + Ice Cream Lover

- When not filming, he's working on his golf game. 

- Will make dumb jokes, join the dance party, sing every song at your reception, and 'taste test' the wedding cake. 

- Would move to Scotland in a heartbeat.

- Favorite wedding tradition.....bride and grooms first dance

- If he wasn't making epic films, North would be going after a professional golf career. 


- Introvert | INFJ | Chips and Salsa Fanatic

- When not editing, she's at the barn with her horse, Cricket.

- Will fix your hair, fluff your dress, tell you how beautiful you look, and make sure you have water. 

- Dreams of living in France once day.  

- Favorite wedding tradition......father daughter dance

- If she wasn't shooting the best weddings on the planet, Olivia would be an esthetician, and riding instructor. 


In 2011 we both went on a trip called The World Race. If your not familiar, it's an 11 country, 11 month missions trip that took us all over the world. We went on the trip completely separately, and had different routes that took us to over 35 countries combined. In month 10, our 'squads' met for a debrief in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and we crossed paths when he got off the bus. Looking for a friend of mine, I asked, 'Is Joe with you'? We didn't even know each others names, and it wasn't love at first sight. As a matter of fact, Olivia's best friend Natalie, happened to call dibs on 'the cute drummer boy'....sorry Natles. Five Months later, we both moved to Gainesville, GA to intern for Adventures in Missions, and ended up sharing a desk. We dated for a record long period of 2 months...North put a ring on it....and the rest is history.

We are blessed to spend our lives together, traveling the globe and documenting the love of THE most amazing couples. If you want us to be part of your day, lets chat!