We have been in love for 5 years, and married for 4.

We have four fur babies, and will quiz you on their names. Joking not joking.  

We love good coffee, and believe breakfast food is suitable for any time of the day. 

Combined we have been to over 35 countries, but we aren't done yet!

He's from Oklahoma, she's from California, and they met in Cambodia....commence the questioning.

If you ever wonder where Olivia is, she's at the barn, with her sweet Thoroughbred, Cricket. 

When you can't get ahold of Christopher, its safe to assume he's working on his golf game.

Jesus is the center of our life, marriage, and business, and without him....gosh. 

Yes, (mom) we want kids. Actually we can't wait to start a family....but for now we are loving our life JUST the way it is. 

Shooting weddings is a constant reminder of why we got married, and why we started this business in the first place.